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Please call, text or email back with any questions we didn't answer...Greg 206-409-0337, Christina 425-802-5717 or Kat 425-786-7931

Please view the creation video on our website's home page to see how a thin layer of your loved ones Ashes are sealed within glass art forever and how the Artists handcraft your custom memorial.

Click the Memorial tab to see the 14 Heart and Orb color options we have available. The memorials weigh about 14 ounces of solid glass and are truly beautiful. Each memorial includes a velvet pouch, certificate and etching of your loved ones first name or nickname due to space. You can see a picture where Kim etched "Mom". Also see the acrylic heart stand and lighted base you may want to include. We've recently added the "Angels Wings" heart pendant with your loved ones ashes resembling Angels Wings and 24kt gold leaf​ accenting.

Our website also contains many FAQ’s. One FAQ shows the complementary collection package we mail you to return a tablespoon of Ashes for each memorial to be created. We return unused ashes with your memorial order. We ship the collection package First Class Parcel which takes approximately 3-5 days to arrive. The return mailer and your returning memorials are shipped USPS Priority Express with tracking and signatures. We've mailed over 35,000 packages safely. This shipping method is almost always one day service. The last FAQ shows how we mark each memorial uniquely for perfect identification.

We encourage you to visit Seattle and watch your memorials being created in person. Please contact Christina 425-802-5717 for information and dates available.

The price for one memorial is $185 (includes a velvet pouch, certificate and etching).
The price for two or more memorials is $145 each.
The heart stand is $4.45.
The lighted base is $15.00.
The price for the “Angels Wings” heart pendant is $195 each.

The collection package is complementary and contains instructions, brochure, order form, authorization to infuse your loved ones ashes within glass art, screw top metal tin for a tablespoon of ashes for each memorial to be created and an addressed USPS Priority Express envelope to return to us. The USPS will charge you $ mail the package back to Artful Ashes. The envelope has a cremated remains sticker on it, which will trigger special handling, tracking and requires a signature. We will contact you to let you know your package arrived. Once your package arrives to us, its about 4 1/2 weeks before your memorials are back within your hands. The USPS Priority Express fee to return one or two memorials is $28.50. For orders 3 and above, please see the grid below. For payment we prefer a personal check or money order with your package or once your package arrives safely, Christina will email you a link to our secure Quick Books Intuit online system to enter you card information. We will call or email you tracking to let you know your loved ones memorials are on the way home...

Quantity / Shipping Cost:

1 / $28.50
2 / $28.50 *
3 / $49.75
4 / $56.50
5 / $63.25
6 / $68.55
7 / $75.25
8 / $79.50

*For lower shipping costs to you, USPS has a flat rate Priority Express box we use to return one or two memorials. If you order two memorials and decide on lighted bases and hearts stands, they don’t fit within the flat rate box. We can ship them together with your memorials, with a shipping total of $46.50 or ship the bases and stands separately with a shipping total of $32.50.

**The "Angels Wings" heart pendants ship in any quantity for $28.50 separately or included at no charge within heart and orb orders.

We often ship overseas. We use actual shipping fees which are a little more than fees shown for the US.

To receive a complementary collection package, Please visit our website click the contact tab, fill out your information, click the box and request a collection package or text me at 206-409-0337 your name, address, email and phone. The screw top metal tin holds about 8 tablespoons of Ashes. For larger orders please request more tins. We often honor loved ones mixed together. If your honoring loved ones separately, please ask for separate forms and tins. Please ask a local funeral home or great friend for help with removing a little of your loved ones ashes.

Our business is growing rapidly. We're currently running 4-5 weeks turnaround. We're working hard to get back to a 3 week turnaround, which is our goal to have your loved ones back within your hands...

We would be very honored to create custom memorials for you. We hope the memorials bring you comfort and healing forever...

Greg and Christina Dale


Please contact my cousin Rich for lost loved pets at 206-819-3056

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