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946 N Jackson St
Arlington, VA 22201
United States

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Washington’s newest restaurant and lounge Darna, which means “our home” in Arabic, melds the traditional elements of the Arabic culture.

Our home, Darna, is built like a real home: You can spend your evening in our ultra-modern Library, on one of our lush canopy draped beds in the Bedroom, or sit fireside in our Middle Eastern Living Room. Perhaps you prefer to visit the Kitchen: our sleek, yet cozy bar illuminated by candlelight for those more intimate engagements. Wherever you choose to spend your evening with us, our DJ’s music and live Arabic bands will keep you entertained for as long as you stay.

Our menu offers exotic hookah flavors you’ve never tasted, Mediterranean style mezze your fingers will love, and drinks to keep you mesmerized all night long. Join us this evening, and treat our home like you would your own. As we say in Arabic, “El dar darak,” our house is your house.

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