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2525 Eastbluff Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States

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IMAGES LUXURY NAIL LOUNGE offers a state of art interior design to bring our guests to a little get away from all the stresses of their lives. Our salon provides a complete collection of therapeutic and refreshing nail care as well as waxing and facial treatment with the best products in the industry.

A pleasant treat for your hands and feet include a bath in the marine mineral blend, to deodorize and soften skin, a trim to your customized shape and length, a scrub to take away the dead skin, a hydrating hot oil treatment, a relaxing massage, and application of colored nail lacquer.

Images Nail Lounge offers full body waxing and other services with a range of products to suite your needs, whether you have sensitive skin or coarse hair, if tweezing or threading is preferred.

Get ride of wrinkles, reduce fine lines with Botox. Plump and smooth your skin with Juvederm. Get facelift using radiofrequency with Thermage and use ultrasound to get rid of fat cells to lose weight with Liposonix.

Performed by Licensed Physicians

Images Nail Lounge offers a range of cosmetic skin care treatments customized for the specific needs of your skin. Our estheticians have advanced training in skin care by DERMALOGICA. They use advanced products and treatments to help your skin look fresh and healthy.

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