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Peter Coppola is proud to reveal the latest advancement in the hair smoothing category: his complete hair rejuvenating system, Peter Coppola Keratin Concept. Following decades of expertise in hair smoothing, Peter Coppola is once again changing the industry and creating a system that will transform the way people treat their tresses. With the launch of his new Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Collection, his goal is simple: inspire stylists to utilize the latest technology that will provide their clients with healthy, age-defying results.

The new Peter Coppola Keratin Concept collection will change the way consumers and stylists use Keratin products and the secret is in his ground-breaking, proprietary formula. A combination of Keratin protein and Ceramides has been skillfully developed to volumize, reverse signs of damage, and promote overall hair strength that results in revolutionary anti-aging properties.

A legend and trailblazer in the professional beauty industry, Peter Coppola’s career is already filled with accomplishments that have surprised and advanced the world of hair care. Few can boast about the influence Coppola has garnered in the industry. Even fewer can say they’ve seen the brand loyalty and recognition that his products have stirred amongst users.

Growing up, Peter spent weekends at his local beauty salon falling in love with the industry. His passion for hair drove him to attend beauty school and ultimately open his first salon in 1974. But this was just the beginning. Peter’s fresh take on a traditional industry was just what women needed. He constantly advanced the hair care market, utilizing new techniques and creating trends that stylists worldwide emulated. Since 1974, Peter has opened 34 salons nationally and has perfected the hair cutting, caring and smoothing business.

With experience training some of Hollywood’s most sought-after stylists, Coppola’s work has graced the pages of magazines, top websites, and has been featured prominently in broadcast segments across the country for the last 35 years. Coppola continues to research and revolutionize hair care technology to develop products that will make women look and feel their most beautiful.

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