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What is Phlearn?

Phlearn is a response to a problem a lot of us see, but can't do much about. The photography world is not a place that is entirely inviting to regular people.

Equipment is expensive. Photography is not the easiest thing to learn. Older generations cling tightly to tradition. There is little sharing of information. Photoshop is a bear to learn. Business can be rough for artist minds. No one tells the truth. Getting better doesn't happen overnight.

Phlearn is a show for people who want to connect with a real person who has been through all of it and tells the truth. This is a community of people who are not afraid of the new world of Photography. This is a community that isn't here to listen to a sales pitch. This is a community that actually cares about each other, not just pretends to. This is a community that appreciates truth instead of hiding from it. You know if you are one of us, and you know if you are not.

Bring your passion to Phlearn. You WILL become a better photographer by joining us. You WILL learn to run a business around your passion. You WILL master Photoshop. You WILL be slapped in the face with creativity. This is a guarantee or your money back. Wait, Phlearn is FREE.


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