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Ask any Texan about DQ®, and they’re sure to tell you their favorite stories about going to DQ®.

Today, there are nearly 600 DQ® restaurants in Texas — more than any other state. Texas DQ® Restaurants serve the food most Texans know as Texas Country Foods®. From Hungr-Busters® and BeltBusters®, to Steak Finger and Chick’n Strip Country Baskets®, to The Dude® and Texas T-Brand Tacos®, Texas Country Foods® makes the food Texans dream about. If it’s time for a delicious meal and you are visiting a DQ® Restaurant in Texas, you can be sure you will enjoy any item on the Texas Country Foods® menu. It’s the reason Texas DQ® just tastes better.

But burgers, baskets and tex-mex are just half the story. Everybody knows DQ® has the best soft serve treats anywhere in the world. Between Blizzard® Flavor Treats, Banana Splits, Cones, Moolatte’s, and frozen treats like Dilly Bars® and DQ® Sandwiches, there’s always a delicious way to cool down and indulge the craving for DQ®. In 2013, Texas DQ® Restaurants also added the legendary Orange Julius® brand and Premium Fruit Smoothies to their menu.

In Texas, from the treats to the eats, DQ® is where we all meet. Day to day. Generation to generation. DQ® the Stop Sign of Texas!

This Texas DQ® Facebook page is a fun, family-friendly community where people can share their passion for DQ® and where DQ® can interact with those who love the world’s favorite cookie!

While we’re excited to hear from you, it’s important to note that postings and comments to the DQ® Facebook page are not representative of the opinions of DQ® nor do we confirm their accuracy. As part of our commitment to you, we’ll do our best to ensure the postings on our page are in line with the Texas DQ® family-friendly philosophies.

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